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Littlefield Cottage Signature Body Therapies.
Combine any of our body therapies with a facial, massage, foot treatment and/or reflexology for the ultimate spa package experience.

The Body Glow
This nutrient-rich body treatment provides deep cleansing and supplementation from the top layers of the skin deep into the inner layers. This luxurious treatment begins with a nourishing scrub of mountain-grown Panela sugar mixed with ginger essential oil for gentle exfoliation and increased circulation. For an ultimate moisturizing experience, Avocado Butter is applied to the arms, legs and back, and a steam canopy infused with organic herbs envelopes the body. This is an excellent treatment to safeguard against the effects of aging and perfect for summertime exposure to the sun—before a trip to the beach! Bring out your skin's natural, healthy glow with “The Body Glow.”
1hr $100.00

Enzyme Restoration Therapy
Restore and heal tired, overworked or strained muscles, joints and connective tissue. Invigorating dry brushing, application of deep healing catalytic enzymes combined with mineral rich fossil mud and body wrap assist the body naturally to release lactic acid, toxins, tension and stress that tend to surround sports training or injury.
1hr $90.00

Fossil Fusion Mineral Body Therapy
Renew and relax from head to toe with ancient seabed fossil mineral mud. The skin's cell metabolism is dependant on the continual absorption of minerals and the release of toxins. Through the combination of mineral-rich mud and sun-infused herbal oil application, complete with relaxing body wrap, skin cells are renewed and detoxification is increased, toning, beautifying, hydrating and nourishing the entire body.
1hr $90.00

Add on services:                                                                                                     

Andes Salts Mineral Scrub
This stimulating treatment encourages lymphatic flow, exfoliates tissues and increases circulation for a radiant glow. These salts are extracted at the base of one of the world's highest active volcanos found in the Andes Mountains. Enjoy sun-infused body oils and rich minerals to hydrate, invigorate and soften skin. Anakiri Mineral Salt Scrub is an excellent add-on service to a one-hour therapeutic massage.
½ hr 45.00

Ginger Avocado Hand & Foot Treatment
What do your hands and feet say about you? Transform your facial or massage into the ultimate experience with our delightful Ginger Avocado Hand and Foot Treatments. These moisturizing add-ons are perfect for dry, tired hands and feet. The exfoliating properties of panela sugar and the moisturizing powers of avocado butter, combined with the heat of hot mitts & booties, leave your hands and feet feeling soft and smooth!
(May be added to any one hour facial or massage)   $35.00

Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath
Relax and detoxify with a special foot bath treatment that helps rid your body of toxins while alkalizing the blood and tissues. The perfect addition to any detoxification or weight rebalancing program.
$40.00 or series of 7 for $240.00


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